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Rogerson College of Classical & Contemporary Dance students, have a wide range of academic options, whether it be homeschooling, distance education or Certificate IV and Diploma in Dance. 


We have students who undertake their studies through both Cairns School of Distance Education and Sydney Distance Education High School. 


We manage our students schooling through private tutors who assist when they are experiencing difficulties with their studies as well as monitoring their progression within their course.


We have a strong belief that academic studies are important for students, therefore we strive to work closely with each individual family to ensure that their child is reaching their full potential both academically as well as in their dancing. We ensure that our students remain on top of their academic studies through study plans that we formulate with both the children and their parents.

We have formed a close relationship with Cairns School of Distance Education and if there are any concerns  about Academics, do not hesitate to contact us. 

You can further read about this Brisbane Education Program through their website which is linked here

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