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Rogerson College of Classical & Contemporary Dance is thrilled to be able to provide students with the opportunity to undertake independent study of dance as an art form for the HSC if their current mainstream schools do not offer it.


Over the past 12 years our college has assisted many students in attaining great results in the HSC for Dance Stage 6. Dance has been an integral component of every known culture, providing a means of expression and an extension of work and lifestyle patterns.

The Dance Stage 6 Syllabus emphasises dance both as an artform in its own right and as an exciting medium for learning that fosters students’ intellectual, social and moral development. The artform of dance has a theoretical base that challenges the mind and the emotions and its study contributes to the students’ artistic, aesthetic and cultural education. Learning results from experience, and the theoretical and practical knowledge augment and enrich one another.

Students will study three interrelated components; Performance, Composition and Appreciation and develop their understanding of dance practice in relation to a wider appreciation of dance artists and their work. Students undertake an in-depth study of dance in a major study of one of the three components.

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