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Our goal for all students that attend Rogerson College of Classical & Contemporary Dance, is to prepare them for their next step in their professional career and to ensure they are ready to accept positions in international schools and companies. We have coached dancers this way for over twelve years and have an incredibly successful alumni of dancers that are correctly training and performing all over the world.

Our college provides a fully-qualified teacher to supervisor students in their academic studies. She is very focused on learning growth and no matter what previous education experience has been for the student, we aim for every student to thrive with their online learning.

In order to assist in achieving students dance goals, we follow a time line that develops the students in the right time and we ensure that they are not burning out or training beyond their level.

Our College focus is classical ballet with a strong emphasis on traditional contemporary and neo-classical styles. The boutique nature of our college allows us the time to discover the focal point of each dancers' journey.

Not only do we accommodate ballet students, we welcome students that have a strong contemporary focus and incorporate additional contemporary intensive training as required. All the top contemporary training school and company auditions require the dancer to audition primarily in ballet, which is why our program has worked exceptionally well for students wishing to take this path.

The first thing we look for in our dancers is natural ability, however more importantly a dancer needs to have the following to succeed:

  • A strong desire to dedicate the hours required to achieve goals that are set

  • Determination and focus

  • Support from family for the journey they are about to undertake

Within the college, we include lectures with dieticians to understand healthy eating and the importance of food preparation. Workshops on positive thinking, well-being and attitude along with time management skills and goal setting tools to ensure the dancer is sent out into the world properly equipped and knowledgeable.

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