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This program is classical ballet focused with a strong emphasis on traditional contemporary. The boutique nature of all our programs, allows us the time to discover the focal point of each dancers' journey. Not only do we accommodate ballet students, we accommodate students that have a strong contemporary focus and incorporate additional contemporary intensive training when required.


All the top national and international contemporary training school and company auditions require the dancer to audition primarily in ballet, which is why our program has worked exceptionally well for students wishing to take this path.

Rogerson College of Classical & Contemporary Dance has developed further on our past Transition and Extension Programs, to create our new Associate Pathway Program,  to work in conjunction with your current studio or as stand alone training to prepare for an upcoming audition or competition.

This program is for students who attend either Rogerson Dance or a different studio that show a strong aspiration to enhance their training beyond their main-stream classes.

The Associate Pathway Program is high-performance coaching created as an extension to expand and develop students in a higher level of training. This program gives students the opportunity to compete in top tier classical competitions, audition for elite training schools connected to international companies or to take their current training to the next level to assist them in gaining entry into a performing arts program at school or to prepare them to transition into our full time college.

The program is divided into 3 levels to ensure each student is receiving the appropriate training relevant to their age and experience:

Junior: 9 to 11 years

Intermediate: 12 to 13 years

Senior: 14 years up

Please contact us for further information on this program and details on eligibility. 

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